Vantage Weekly Sep 15

Chinese millennial mothers are changing the face of luxury childrenswear retailing

A new report by K11’s Future Taskforce, “The Mommy Economy in China”, focuses on the retail habits of Chinese millennial mothers and should be required reading for any childrenswear brand trying to make millions in mainland China. SCMP takes a dive into this report.

Read the complete article by Melissa Twigg at South China Morning Post.

Invite Consumers to Pop-Up, and Pop Goes the Spending — Offline and Online

To lure customers, online retailer Alibaba often targeted existing customers when marketing resources were limited. Then along came a research project with a novel question: What if you pursued prospective customers, and then tracked their offline and online spending habits compared to frequent customers?

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Luxury Mooncake Gift Boxes: Winners & Losers

Who says no to a tasty cake delivered in a gorgeous gift box? The correct answer: no one. On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is celebrated on September 13 this year, many Western luxury brands have created their own specially designed mooncake gift boxes for valued customers and business associates.

Read the complete article by Zheyu Chen at Jing Daily.

Hong Kong Protests Lead To Store Shutdowns, Massive Layoffs As Tourism Plunges

As the unrest continues in Hong Kong driving tourists and their money away, the inevitable begins to happen as retailers are forced to close their shops and let the mass layoff of workers begin. In a Darwinian like scenario, the smaller, weaker businesses may not survive while larger businesses with greater financial resources hunker down to outlast the crisis.

Read the complete article by James Patterson at International Business Times.

Ant Financial to Fully Integrate Alipay Mini Programs with Weibo

Ant Financial will fully integrate Alipay’s mini-program feature with Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo, the company announced on Tuesday at an event in Hangzhou.

Read the complete article by Nicole Jao at Technode. 

iPhone 11 Greatly Exceeds Pre-Sale Expectations in China

While Apple’s new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will not be available in stores until September 20, online pre-sales for the new handset have exceeded expectations by a landslide. Chinese e-commerce giant reports that the pre-sale volume increased by 480% compared to last year, despite the phone’s lack of 5G compatibility.

Read the complete article by AJ Cortese at Pandaily.