Weibo Marketing

Weibo is an essential marketing tool for businesses entering the Chinese market. Weibo lets over 200 million daily users create, share and discover content online. It’s impact should not be understated; over the last decade, Weibo has even managed to surpass Twitter.

Thousands of brands are already using Weibo to actively engage with their consumers, now it’s your turn.

What we offer:

At Vantage Digital, our team has the commitment, knowledge and expertise to help you achieve targeted success on Weibo. We specialise in developing a strong Weibo advertising campaign through a content creation and brand-user interaction. Our Weibo marketing service will include:

  • Weibo Account Registration and Verification
  • Weibo Banner/Display Advertisements
  • Weibo Content Strategy
  • Weibo Weibo Search Engine Promotion
  • Weibo Fan Headline & Fan Tunnel

Our team will develop an innovative strategy for your brand on Weibo. Unique, exciting and high-quality content will be published regularly to attract followers. We’ll identify your target audience, and utilise the appropriate streams for your messages to ensure the best ROI.

We will help you hit the right Weibo marketing buttons in China, by helping you curate a Weibo campaign that encourages fan engagement, builds brand presence, and prioritises your brand-customer relationship.