WeChat Marketing

WeChat is often the first step for businesses getting started with social media marketing in China. With over a billion active users in 2019, it is by far, the most popular social network in China. In the largest Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, the WeChat usage rate is as high as 93%.

Thousands of brands have already taken advantage of this platform to connect with consumers, now it's your turn.

What we do:

At Vantage Digital, our team has the commitment, knowledge and expertise to help you achieve targeted success on WeChat. We specialise in designing and executing WeChat content and ads campaigns that target both mainland and local Chinese. Our WeChat Marketing service will include:

  • WeChat Account Registration and Verification;
  • WeChat Mini Programs;
  • WeChat E-Commerce Stores and WeChat Pay;
  • WeChat Games;
  • WeChat Microsites, and more.

Our WeChat management services are comprehensive; including content creation, social media posting, real-time engagement, community management and continual strategy optimisation based on mutually agreed upon KPIs.

Finally, we understand how important your time and business is -- so we work closely with verified partners in mainland China that take the hassles out of setting up a WeChat account -- so that you can start focusing on business expansion and results.

How we do it:

Brands our team have worked with