Chinese Social Media Strategy

Chinese social media websites, platforms and apps such as WeChat and Weibo are important channels through which Chinese users consume content, learn about brand stories and purchase services and products every day.

Our Chinese social media marketing services will guide your brand through the complex social media landscape of China; from social media account setup, to KOL campaigns. Our in-house experts will work with you every step of the way to develop a relevant and unique Chinese social media strategy for your brand.

Chinese Social Media Account Setup

We help setup and manage the WeChat account for KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr

Finding the right social media platform for your business can be difficult depending on your brand, target audience and objectives. Each platform is unique and performs different functions – from offering reviews and tips, to creating short videos.

In addition, paperwork, language barriers, and slow registration times without the right contacts, means properly setting up a Chinese social media account can be difficult without a specialised agency.

Our solution?

We take the hassle out of the process. Our selection of partners in China that will ensure the registration process is fast and reliable. We make sure your brand is visible on the right platform, engaging with the right audience and getting itself known in the right circles – for the right reasons.

  • We provide WeChat account registration and verification, Weibo account registration and verification, Youku video channel setup, Little Red Book profile setup, and more.
  • We monitor changing social trends and tech developments closely so you’ll never miss out on new platforms or functionality options.
If you need help to get started, we provide quality consultation services so that you can determine the right platforms for your brand.

Content Strategy Creation

Good content should be informative and engaging, but most importantly, it should create a visual identity for your brand. An effective Chinese social media content strategy that does this, will allow you to build a relationship between you and your Chinese customers, and drive direct engagement to your products and services.

What do we do?

Your brand's visual identity will always remain at the forefront of our Chinese social media content strategy. We focus on creating authentic quality content that is consistent with your brand's identity, stands out amongst competitors, and attracts the right customers.

  • We analyse your business to better understand what your business is about, and who your target audience is;
  • We integrate social media advertising including WeChat advertising, Weibo advertising, re-marketing, and in-depth analytics in order to build and engage a targeted social audience for your brand;
  • We monitor traffic analytics and reader metrics in order to launch your campaigns with engaging content tailored to region, dialect, age, gender and more.

Our content strategy can include blogs, reviews, news releases, videos, infographics, interviews with KOLs, testimonials, hashtags and QR codes.

KOL Campaigns and Promotion

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are integral in Chinese social media marketing -- Chinese users tend to trust KOLS over businesses; so working with the right ones can help establish trust in your brand and build awareness among their followers.

We put together a KOL Campaign for Hyundai Australia

How can we help?

We work with verified Chinese KOLs, and make them a part of our social media marketing strategy. Our team has former journalists and PR professionals in-house, who excel at handling all facets of KOL relations including interviews, advertising, events, and influencer content development.

  • We will identify the Chinese KOLs best suited to your brand and budget and liaise with them to arrange cooperative partnerships;
  • We do keyword research, to understand what your audience is talking about, and will plan campaigns in cooperation with chosen KOLs accordingly;
  • We collect statistics on key performance indicators and will send detailed reports about them to you at regular intervals.

Peer-to-peer recommendations and word of mouth drive Chinese marketing, and a KOL recommendation can boost success exponentially. We will help you reach your audience through the people they trust.

Our Chinese Social Media Process


We listen to what your audience is talking about and what they are interested in. We look at your competitors, and your business itself. Once we understand your brand, your target audience and objectives, we can determine which opportunities to pursue, the best social media platforms to use, and the strategy to implement. Our goal will always be to develop a realistic strategic plan to build a targeted social audience for your brand.


Our team begins the process of designing your website, setting up the necessary social media platforms, and preparing for content strategy creation.


The plan is ready. Now we will put it into action - advertising campaign management, content distribution across the selected Chinese social media platforms and target audience engagement.


We periodically conduct data analysis to evaluate the performance of the social media campaigns and redefine and improve the strategy continuously.

Brands our team have worked with