Chinese Translation

Successfully appealing to your Chinese audience takes more than just simple translation. With a countless number of linguistic nuances and cultural differences, a word-for-word translation simply isn’t enough. What sounds great in your home country, may be regarded as weird or even offensive in China.

Our Solution?

At Vantage Digital, our in-house experts have the necessary experience, creativity, and understanding of the Chinese language to translate the ideas that your brand wants to get across in an authentic and engaging manner.

  • We analyse your business, to better understand the messages you want to convey;
  • We do keyword research, to better understand your customers and what the best tone of voice is to use;
  • We combine years of writing experience amongst our professionals to ensure the translated content is tailored to be informative and attractive to the Chinese ears.

We are the professionals in producing culturally appropriate translated content that drives conversions, and more importantly gets your readers interested.

Chinese Copywriting

If you are starting from the ground up and want us to create new content for your brand, you will need our Chinese copywriting service.

We have a talented team of Chinese copywriters that are highly experienced in writing Chinese content for maximising search engine results, and for human readers alike.

  • We analyse your business to better understand what your business is about, and who your target audience is;
  • We develop the tone of voice within content accordingly based on your target audience;
  • We constantly scrutinise what content will most effectively convey your messages, fulfill your marketing goals and have good rankings on Chinese search engines.


At Vantage Digital, we firmly believe in high-impact marketing content that is engaging and can increase traffic & online search rankings. Whether it be translating or copywriting, we have a team of professionals that will guarantee excellence, and results.